Review: Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch

Title:  Touched by an Alien
Author:  Gini Koch
Series:  Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #1
Publisher:  DAW
Release Date:  April 6, 2010
Pages:  389

How can a sexy marketing manager join forces with an Alpha Centauri male in Armani to save the planet-using hairspray, a Mont Blanc pen, and rock n' roll?

Easy...She's Touched by an Alien

Marketing manager Katherine "Kitty" Katt steps into the middle of what appears to be a domestic dispute turned ugly. And it only gets uglier when the man turns into a winged monster, straight out of a grade-Z horror movie, and goes on a killing spree. Though Kitty should probably run away, she springs into action to take the monster down. In the middle of the chaos a handsome hunk named Jeff Martini appears, sent by the "agency" to perform crowd control. He's Kitty's kind of guy, no matter what planet he's from. And from now on, for Kitty, things are going to be sexy, dangerous, wild, and out of this world.

I decided to read this book based on the fact that almost every blog that I visited had a countdown clock for the second book in the series, so I decided that I absolutely had to check this series out. I haven't read an alien book before, so I am not really into sci-fi that much, but this book was so good that I cannot wait for the next one. And the men are hot and funny which is my kind of read.

So, Kitty is one brave woman, so brave that when she witnesses a man transforming into some kind of big creature. attacking people, she immediately attacks it and saves the day, and let me admit, she saves the day with a pen. A group of sexy men show up and tell her about a world that she never knew existed, things she never knew existed. These men are from an agency made up o human and Alpha Centauri Aliens that work together to protect the planet. And one of them has really made it clear right away that he has an interest in Kitty.

This book was great and had such funny moments, due to the very hot Jeff Martini. I love this guy. Yea. I am going to talk about him first, because I love him, oh so much. I thought that Martini(oh, BTW, I love his name!) was just a joy. He is funny, handsome, charming and oh, he is so cute and I just want him all to myself. And it is so funny that he is always saying throughout the book, "Marry Me". Oh, Martini, please say that to me. We also have our heroine, Kitty Katt. I thought that was quite a name and I would be too embarrassed to have it.

"Can either one of you actually fly?" "Ummm...define fly." I heard cursing over the radios."

I thought that Kitty was strong, capable, caring, and witty. Her dialogue is so funny. Most of the time she is making these funny jokes that are just hilarious. She cares about all those around her. And she does these things that make people think if she is crazy and it is just great. In this book she has known Martini about 2-3 days and for her it is quite hard to resist him, I mean who could. I loved the romance in this book, it was so cute how Martini is there for Kitty whenever she needed him. I mean when they first meet, I knew I was going to love this guy.

We also get other great characters that you grow to love too. I adored most of these characters and can't wait to get more in the next book. I loved learning about these aliens and how they see things, I mean as humans, we have different types of rules and how people see us. But it is nice to know a little bit about these aliens and I really want to know more.

At times though, it was hard to get through the book, and I think this was just in the middle where they were explaining everything to Kitty about who this agency was that picked her up after she killed that creature, but that was my only complaint. I am looking forward to the next book and I really want to know what is going to happen next.


  1. Thanks for the review. I just added it to my TBR list.
    Have a great week :)

  2. great review!! I LOVE this series sooooooo much! cant wait to see what you think of book 2 =D

  3. isn't book 2 out yet! I want to read it so bad! =D

  4. I am completely in love with Martini. I want him on my pillowcase. Seriously. Wonderful review!

  5. I know. I love him too! Martini is just too wonderful. I wished he would say, "Marry Me." to me =D