Top 5 Sundays

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The theme for today is:
Books That Should Be Made Into Movies!

What I would give if the fever series gets made into a movie. I would love to see this on-screen. The sexy Jericho Barrons and the lovely Mackayla Lane, along with out irresistable V'Lane. We haven't really had a movie about fae yet and we need a action-packed adventurous movie with everything that the fever series has in there.

Angels and Hunters. HOT!!! Did I mention vampires too?

I know from when I finished this series that I would love to watch this i it was a tv series/movie. And CURRAN!!! I would love some of him on-screen obsessing his HOTTNESS!

A House full of vampires that has a master vampire of the house. I would love to see the action and romance and comedy that the Chicagoland Vampire series portrays. Especially that House. I know there are a few series that has a house of vampires and I would love to see what goes on in that house when we are not focusing on Ethan and Merit. I think this would make a awesome tv series/movie.

Okay, I got a lot of urban fantasy series(only picking 5 is so hard) over here and one paranormal romance series I would kill to see is:

Demons and Hospitals? Now that is HOT!

Only choosing 5 choices is so hard! I would have gone with Night Huntress for my fifth,(WE WANT SOME BONES!!!) but decided to go with at least one paranormal romance, and nothing is Hot like some sex demons. Supernatural Series today are are very popular and quite a few are getting optioned for tv series and movie and that makes me so happy. I need more of these kind of these kinds of films out there. I hope at least one of my picks gets made into a movie.

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  1. I can only second everyone of your choices! Those would be some seriously sexy movies though! :)