Review: The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

Title: The Dark Highlander
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Series: Highlanders, #5
Publisher: Dell
Release Date: October 1, 2002
Pages: 370

I am Dageus MacKeltar, a man with one good conscience and thirteen bad ones, driven to sate my darkest desires...

From his penthouse lair high above Manhattan, Dageus looks out over a glittering city that calls to the darkness within him.

A sixteenth century Scot trapped between worlds, he is fighting a losing battle with the thirteen Druids who possess his soul, dooming him to an eternity of sexual pursuit. When Chloe Zanders, student of antiquities, is drawn into his world, she finds the insatiable Alpha male an irresistible lure.

Before long, she is caught up in an ancient prophecy that will sweep her back in time to medieval Scotland. Plunged into a world of timeless magic and dark seduction, she will soon face the challenge of a lifetime: fighting thirteen evil spirits for the heart of one irresistible man...

Haven't read Karen Marie Moning's Highlanders? Then what are waiting for? The Mackeltars will make any woman swoon. They are two perfect. I want my very own Mackeltar.

In the last book we met Drustan and how he found his love Gwen in another century. This time around we get up and personal with his twin brother Dageus. And if you loved Drustan you are going to scream for Dageus. He has this dangerous bad-boy vive going on and it makes me want him, oh yes I do.

We find out in the last book that Dageus gave up everything to save his brother so he could be reunited with Gwen and it cost him a great price. But he ends up meeting Chloe, his soul mate. Chloe is a nerdy artifact collector and nothing is as rare as Dageus being he is not from the same century as Chloe is. Chloe battles her attraction to the hot and sexy Dageus while Dageus is nothing but hot seduction and will do anything to make Chloe his.

"Oooh! Stop that. When you smile at me I want all of it." "What?" He looked confused

I enjoyed THE DARK HIGHLANDER a lot and loved seeing some old characters that I loved again. The Highlander series is highly addicting, especially if you have a thing with men with accents. hehe. I loved seeing Dageus' and Chloe's relationship develop. She starts out hating this guy to wondering about him, to caring and denying her attraction/feelings she has for Dageus. Chloe is really funny. I especially love it when the heroine has a love/hate relationship for the hero of the story because it is so funny to read.

I cannot wait for the next in the Highlander series. If you are a fan of the Fever series. I highly recommend you go onto the Highlander Series. It is partly related to the Fever Series in a way. Books 4-8 have characters that show up in the Fever Series and have a role in the Fever World.


  1. Think I have to check out this whole series...I am absolutely obsessed with all things Scottish!

  2. hehe nice! Im not sure about this highlander thing... will ponder on it LOL

  3. @Larissa: I thought the same thing. It took months and months and then I decided to true book 4 and I fell in love. Anything by Karen Marie Moning needs to be read XD