Breathless Tour 02/10/11

So yesterday I went to the Breathless Tour stop in MN with bloggers Looksie from Looksie Lovitz and Liz from Consumed from books. It was real nice meeting them. We got to meet authors Andrea Cremer, Ally Condie, Beth Revis, Brenna Yovanoff and Kirsten Miller.

Highlights of the Evening...
Apparently Beth Revis and Andrea Cremer admit that they are evil XD

OMG. Beth Revis said that I had a pretty name. OMG. She also said that ATU was meant to be a standalone, not a series, so she was gonna torure us, we have her publsiher to thank for the series...THANK YOU, PENGUIN! That ending of ATU was insane! There better be a series.

And OMG. I can't believe this is the first time I am meeting Andrea Cremer seeing we live in the same state/hometown. She is soooo nice and soooo pretty. She confirmed that Bloodrose the last nightshade book will be out March 2012. YAh! And also, she quotes, "This is not a werewolve book."...hehe. Also that Nightshade paperback will be getting new cover art.

And all authors adore their book covers.

It was fun. XD I got Nightshade and ATU signed. Yah! Bookmarks signed and the poster from the Breathless Tour signed from all the authors. I wish it didn't end so quickly. XD

Highlights of the Evening...

Andrea Cremer, Brenna Yovanoff, Kirsten Miller, Ally Condie, and Beth Revis

Mariya with Kirsten Miller, Ally Condie, Brenna Yovanoff, Andrea Cremer and Beth Revis.

Looksie with Kirsten Miller, Ally Condie, Brenna Yovanoff, Andrea Cremer and Beth Revis.

Liz with Kirsten Miller, Ally Condie, Brenna Yovanoff, Andrea Cremer and Beth Revis.

Nighshade signed by Andrea Cremer

Across the Universe signed by Beth Revis

Posters and Bookmarks signed

I am looking forward to the Dark Days of Supernatural Tour next month featuring authors Courtney Allison Moulton, Claudia Gray, and Kimberly Derting. XD


  1. Great post! It's times like that, when I wish I lived closer to the cities. :)

  2. Yay! That was awesome. Aside from me feeling a little socially awkward. LOL. Can't wait to start on the books I borrowed from you. :D

    And the dark days tour is going to totally rock!!

  3. I hope to get a picture together with CAM, KD, and CG at the next signing for sure. We so should've got a picture wit Liz you, and me XD

    I hope you enjoy the books. Are you starting wit Clarity? I was browsing on your TBR list on Goodreads and I shouldv'e let you borrow Almost to Die For by Tate Hallaway. Hopefully next time XD

  4. and holy shit! you even got bookmarks!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I envy you so freaking much!!! LOL!!!!!

  5. Oh great photos! Hooray event write-ups! It was fun meeting you both :)

  6. Wow, that sounds insanely fun! What a line-up of authors. I can't wait to see the new Nightshade cover.

  7. Thats so awesome!! I am so Thanks for taking such amazing pictures.

  8. Very cool event! I love your sweater, BTW.