Blogger Secrets Presents: Books Over Boys


Which character would you take as your Husband?
Which character? Oh boooy! This is a tough one only because it's always soo hard to choose! Ah! But, I am going to choose the one that's been lingering in my mind ever since I reluctantly flipped the last page of the book. I'd definitely choose Brandon from The Crescent series by Jordan Deen. SWOON <3

Which 5 book characters would you take as Lovers?
Here we goooo! Five book characters help narrows it down a little. Just a bit.
1.) Edward Cullen - although everything about this series have been spotlighted for SO long, Edward is still very much number one for me!
2.) Patch Cipriano - yum! 'Nuff said!
3.) Brandon (He doesn't have a last name! *Jaw drop!* I KNOW, RIGHT?) - anyway, all I have to say is, I'd be his mate any day. Hmm-mmm! ANY. DAY.
4.) Luc Cain - *fans self* I'm mush right now; can't even describe this hotness! I'm so lame.
5.) Ash, the Ice Prince - OMFg! He's....he is *SIGH*

Exact thoughts when you are waiting for a upcomming book release you are dying to read?
Here's a before and after response in regards to blogging. BEFORE: Wow! How many months until? A DECADE? *dies* AFTER: *looks at TBR pile* I really, really, RE.AL.LY want to read this....but *TBR pile growls* I....can't.
It's just because before blogging, I HAD to wait like everyone else but now that I'm exposed to blogging and the blogosphere I never knew what ARCs were or that they were available to a few select people. But even now, my TBR pile is too much for me to handle so the wait for upcoming book releases are a little more bearable.

What book series are you currently obsessing over?
One book series that I'm currently obsessing over is The Crescent series by Jordan Deen! NOTE: I finished this book at the beginning of this month, the weekend of the 6th-7th to be exact, and I still cannot stop thinking about it. I HIGHLY recommend it to ALL book lovers! Totally go out of your way to get your grimy hands on a set of these AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, AMAZING books!

It will be worth it! And if after you read it you think, "Wow, what was she thinking?!" I'll take an earful of it from you! I think what captivated me the most about this series is the storyline, or the focus of the book altogether. Ah, what the heck - EVERYTHING about it! Obviously because like I mentioned above, Brandon is lingering! Even now when I'm reading books after I finished The Crescent and Half Moon (The Crescent, #2), I find my mind wandering back to Brandon. I feel like I'm cheating almost, I'm not joking! I feel like I'm not giving the lead male in the current book I'm reading a fair chance, lol! But anyway....JUST. READ. IT!

If you could trade places with one book character, who would it be and why?
Oh man! One book character...mmm! I'd have to say for the moment it would have to be Brea from Half Moon. Her overall character is totally kick-ass! She's so awesome and Catch, her mate - SWOON! What more could you ask for? She's Lacey's best friend in Half Moon and I love how the story obviously isn't about her but we get to see enough of her to the point where I would very much like to trade places with her. Although at my would probably be very, very, VERY boring for her, ahah! :)

Random Short Answer
Vampire or Shifter? Shifter, obviously because my husband ↑ ↑ ↑ is a werewolf. I mean generally a shifter is a were, so yeah. ;)
Book or Ereader? Paperback! BUT when books are first released I want to read them so bad that I can't wait a year or whatever for the paperback! So I have about half and half on my shelf!
Angel or Demon? Oooh, tough one. In reality, I'd say angel because you know good over evil. BUT Luc Cain is one of my lovers so....
Paperback or Hardback? Paperback {HB hurts my hands}
Favorite Vampire? To be honest, I have not read a vampire series that stuck with me after reading Twilight, so Edward's absolutely my favorite!
Favorite Shifter? AHA! Obviously by now, anyone/everyone reading this should know the answer to this one without me saying it, but I'll repeat it again. Brandon ♥ :)
YA novel or Adult novel?YA Novel

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  1. The response in book or ereader, I think that's supposed to be the response for paperback for hardcover!

    My responses again:

    Book or Ereader?
    -Book all the way! Ereader is faster access but I love the feel of the book in my hands, the smell of the pages, the look of the book on my shelf. Even if it was a book that I didn't entirely enjoy, well, I'll still keep the book! A book's a book!

    Paperback or Hardback?
    -Paperback! BUT when books are first released I want to read them so bad that I can't wait a year or whatever for the paperback! So I have about half and half on my shelf!

    Thank you Mariya for having me! I had lots and lots of fun answering the questions!

  2. sorry about that. I'll change it soon. I may just have to read the Iron Fey series. Ash sounds HOT!