Review: Bitten by Kelly Armstrong

Title: Bitten
Author: Kelly Armstrong
Series: Women of the Otherworld, #1
Publisher: Plum
Release Date: September 7, 2004
Pages: 436

Ever since her parents were killed in a car accident when she was five, Elena Michaels has longed for a normal family life. Smart, beautiful, and engaged to be married, Elena hopes to fulfill that dream when disaster strikes. Not only has her fiancé lied about his secret life as a werewolf, but he's made her one, too. She has no choice but to join him at Stonehaven, the upstate New York home of an elite pack of werewolves.

In an attempt to break away, she moves to Toronto to lead a normal life. Working as a journalist, Elena now lives with her new architect boyfriend, works out in the basement gym of their high-rise apartment, lunches with girlfriends from the office, and —once a week, at four in the morning —runs naked and furred through a downtown Toronto ravine, ripping out the throats of her animal prey. But when a band of outlaw werewolves threatens the Stonehaven pack, Elena's feral instincts drive her back there to join the defense. What follows is a war for territory, for pride, and ultimately for Elena herself.

Out of all of the shifter books I have read this has got be the be the best one I have ever read. I was starting to think that shifters may not be for me, but wow can Kelly Armstrong write. I was a little worried about this series because I wasn’t too fond of her young adult series. But I can definitely say I will be continuing with the Women of the Otherworld series. I am highly addicted to some Elena and Clay.

"You forget, darling.
I am the local psychopath.” She stared at him. “Oh my God, it’s scary you noticed that."

We have Elena the only female werewolf in existence. A long time ago she fell in love and was engaged to be married to Clay the love of her life, but while meeting with Jeremy the Alpha of the pack Clay is in. Clay turned into a wolf and bit Elena. And thus turning her into one. And Elena was never the same again. Elena gets called back to the back to help solve a problem that could result in a danger to all werewolves including her.

I absolutely loved this book to death. I loved Elena and Clay. They are like the perfect couple ever! While Elena is back for a while trying to solve this problem for the pack, Clay is making good use of this time trying to win her back. I know we get glimpses into the future of what happened to these two concerning the bite and all of what she went through when she got bitten, but I was a little disappointed to learn that we didn’t get anything about how Elena and Clay first met and what let up to the engagement and bite. But then I learned that there is a book about that. So, yea. can’t wait for that.

"What's this?" Nick said. "Bedtime?"
No one answered him. I kept my eyes closed.
You look positively content, Clayton," Nick continued, thumping down on the floor. "That wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Elena is cuddled up with you, is it?" "It's cold in here," I murmured.
Doesn't feel cold."
It's cold," Clay growled.
I could start a fire."
I could start one too," Clay said. "With your clothes. Before you get them off."

I loved everyone in the pack. The pack, Alpha is very kind and cold to me at the same time. I know being an alpha you have to maintain control and be cold sometimes because it is a big job, but wow. I think Jeremy is wonderful alpha and I really hope we get to learn more about him as time goes on. He has a kindness towards Elena where you can see him as a father figure for her. We also have Nick, Antonio, Logan, the whole gang. I loved the pack. They’re like such a great family together.

In the book Elena is still having trouble coming to terms with her being a werewolf and I loved her dealing with that, figuring out who she is and by the end of the book finally excepting everything. She has come a long way. My favorite part of the book is Elena and Clay and I just have to say I WANT MORE! I can’t wait to read book two in the series, Stolen and find out what happens next in the Women of the Otherworld Series. If you are a big time shifter fan you will devour this book. I highly recommend this book to any urban fantasy fan.


  1. Great review~ I have this in paperback but I've become so used to ePubs that I have been avoiding starting the book. That is the dumbest reason ever bc I have been meaning to start this series foreverrrrrrrrr.

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  3. Sorry I hit post too early.....Anyways...

    Kelley Armstrong is one of the best authors out there in the paranormal genre. Her women of the otherworld serie(s) is fantastic. They are well writtern and the plots are always well thought our and interesting. When you get to some of the spin off novel of characters from Elena and Clayton, dont worry those books are just as good. If you just finished reading this book, then you have an awesome series to look forward too.


  4. I love Clay and Elena! I get what you mean about Jeremy. You get some really good insight into him in No Humans Involved though, until then, you have the other characters to get to know, and they're all great!

  5. Gotta agree with everyone else! Kelley's Otherworld series is amazing!! Clay and Elena are my fave Otherworld couple! Totally fell in love with this book and they only get better and you get to meet all sorts of new and different characters of supernatural types!

  6. I love this book too! I’ve read it a couple times…it has become one of my classic werewolf reads...

  7. YES! welcome to the Otherworld love! Clay and Elena are one of my fave couples EVER! =D

  8. I just ordered this one! I can't wait to read it! I'm glad you liked it so much cause the synopsis didn't make it sound as appealing as your review did.

  9. Have not read this series yet. I plan on starting it soon though. I am gonna go to her signing Saturday. Great review & awesome comments. I am excited about starting this series now.

  10. Dude. I can't believe I missed her signing! She was her for not one, but two days, two signings...arrrghhhh. 8/

  11. Great review Mariya. So glad that you finally took the plunge into the Women of the Otherworld series and enjoyed it! Clay and Elena are my all-time fav werewolf couple. Be sure to read the anthologies when you're further along. They're amazing!!

  12. Fantastic review. I really like K. Armstrong's adult series. If you liked Bitten you will like The Gathering. Have you read that one yet? I just read it and even though I LOVED it the ending was abrupt.