Richelle Mead Signing - 05/22/2011 at MOA

I was bored for about 2 hours because I got there at 11am. LOL
but I am glad that I was there 2 hours early b/c the line was so long they needed to get more bar thingies to create more room for the line.

She is really pretty and so nice, and we talked. I usually don't talk. I usually say hi to the author and stand there not knowing what to say. but yea. talked about the cancellation of the signing of December and the books and how nice my brother was to come and get the rest of my VA books signed. She says I should buy him lunch now LOL

But it was awesome. So worth skipping work for. She read from Bloodlines and stopped when it was getting good. haha. she said that if she read the entire first chapter it probably would've taken an 2 hours not that I would've minded. =DDDDDD

And OMFG! She gave 5 ARCS of Bloodlines away and I didn't win, if I got there a bit earlier I could've snagged the winning ticket. Hopefully my gal that is going to BEA will snag my a copy of Bloodlines there or I can borrow her copy. =DDDDDDDDD

Bloodlines News
-Sydney got an assignment and of course we all know that Jill is that assignment.
-Adrian shows up early in the book and he's got something on Sydney. I smell blackmail =DDDDD
-Rose/Dimitri show up a bit...not a lot b/c the focus of Bloodlines is not them..but, OMFG! How could I not know there is gonna be a short story about Rose/Dimitri. SUPER EXCITED!!!
-Sydney is totally oblivious when it comes to guys, like when they flirt or if they like her LOL
-Adrian is Adrian!
-OMG. Am I missing anything....Oh, Richelle Mead is a total TEASE!!!!


  1. I like her a lot and her books are fantastic! I have the next Georgina Kincaid book pre-ordered already. Glad you had a good time ~ good reading:)

  2. LOL so jealous you got to meet her! She came to Toronto but I wasn't in town! So jealous!

  3. dude. I skipped work just to meet her. No way in hell was I missing this. I mean seriously =DDDDDD

  4. OMG! This is sooo cool!*jealous* I'm so glad you had the chance to meet Richelle and you had a good time! And thanks for sharing the tidbits about Bloodlines! I can't wait to read it! Knowing that ARCs are already out in the wild only makes me more anxious.