Book Signing: Wolfsbane Book Signing

So last night was the book signing for Andrea Cremer's WOLFSBANE! It was a great night. I went with Looksie Lovitz and met up with Alison from Alison Can Read and Liz from Consumed by Books. Before the signing we went to Cafe Latte and got the famous Tres Leche cake which tasted like heaven.

Andrea Cremer did a reading from Wolsfane and the signing begun. I got my ARC and finished copy signed and a lovely picture with her. And THERE WAS CAKE!!! Which I totally ate some, but I think I'm all caked out for awhile. It was sort of a release party cake and a birthday cake since ANdrea and Shay's birthday is on August 1. So Happy Birthday to them. Wonderful night and hope to do it again soon.


  1. I envy you sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant believe it! I wish I lived there sniff! Im glad you had a great time =) amazing pic btw ^___^
    oh!! and the Tres Leches cake I love it!! I know how to make it too!! it's one of my fav! very popular in Chile too ;)


  2. I am seriously addicted to that Tres Leches cake. SOOOOO GOOD!! =DDDDDDDDDD

    And yeah me! with both my WOlfsbane covers =DDDDD