Cover Reveal: Fever by Lauren DeStefano

From the moment of their escape, Rhine and Gabriel are constantly in danger. First, the police are after them for stealing their escape boat; then, they run straight into the eerie den of Madame, an old woman who collects and sells girls to the highest bidders. Worst of all, Rhine’s father-in-law Vaughn seems able to find her wherever she goes.

She manages to make the long journey home only to find it abandoned, her twin brother Rowan nowhere to be found. And when she discovers several of their treasured possessions are also gone, she realizes that he won't be back. Rhine's determination to find her brother remains steadfast, until she finds herself crippled by illness. . . and then, once again, at her father-in-law’s mercy. Fearing for Gabriel's safety, she reluctantly leaves him behind and, unbelievably, returns to the one place she never wanted to see again.

The second book in the Chemical Garden Trilogy reveals a world outside the mansion as captivating and bleak as the one Rhine left behind--and sets the stage for an explosive conclusion!


I'm not a big fan of this cover. WITHER was so much better. I think the FEVER cover looks fan-made and it's way too bright for my tastes. What are your guys' thoughts?


  1. I am always a wet blanket since I rarely like covers these days, but...

    She looks like she's tripping on something hardcore. Drugs, alcohol, chocolate, something.

  2. I know, right?! I think it's TOO Bright. That's an ugly green and she's on drugs...hahaha. They need to re-do this BIG TIME!

  3. I love the photography. I think is as awesome as the first one... BUT! the freaking green is taking on my nerves!! what the hell is with that mix of colors? yes, it does stands out and it's very bright and stuff but seriously??? it look really ugly on the cover >=(. I think the photographer, model, makeup artist etc etc made a great job for the cover but whoever choose to photoshop it with green on too made the most terrible mistake! The green looks odd and out of place. Now if there is a smart reason related to the book why they choose green instead of a better choice. I would be more than glad to hear it and open my mind to accept it by understanding the logic of such color on the cover.

    just my opinion.

  4. The green sucks! I wonder if I should take the cover and photoshop it a bit to see if I can come up with colors to make it better, then I won't be bitching about the cover! hahaha.

    I say it's too bright b/c Wither was saturated. and I think that Fever should match with Wither some way. But the green seriously has to go. 8/

  5. Ohh love this cover! Sorry you don't though. :( I still haven't read Wither, but I love the artsy fashion-esk type of covers.

    ♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

  6. I would probaly say I liked it if it wasn't the cover for Fever and they got rid of the green, b/c beyond that I think it looks kinda cool. I just think they need to re-think their color choices.

  7. Hmm, this is such a strange and unique cover but I am sadly disliking it! =(