Review: The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

Title:  The Darkest Night
Author:  Gena Showalter
Series:  Lords of the Underworld, #1
Publisher:  HQN Books
Release Date:  May 1, 2008
Pages:  384

His powers -- Inhuman
His passion -- Beyond immortal . . .

All her life, Ashlyn Darrow has been tormented by voices from the past. To end the nightmare, she has come to Budapest seeking help from men rumored to have supernatural abilities, not knowing she'll be swept into the arms of Maddox, their most dangerous member -- a man trapped in a hell of his own.

Neither can resist the instant hunger than calms their torments . . . and ignites an irresistible passion. But every heated touch and burning kiss will edge them closer to destruction -- and a soul-shattering test of love . .

I really wanted to like this book, and I am upset that I wasted my entire day hoping that it could possibly get better, but no it didn't. Fair warning in place, I'm sure this was more of a rant that a review

I had a lot of problems with this book, one being thatthe whole demon/monster thing inside of the hero. Is it me, or have you heard about this being used in a PNR already? I know I have. The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, in Rhage's book he has a monster inside of him. Also, my friend, Regina commented that Karen MArie Moning's The Dark Highlander has the same thing which I forgot. I am usually not too bothered with things being done already, but I this book I did because it just wasn't very interesting or kept my attention.

The hero and heroine. I didn't like them at all. I found the heroine, Aslyn annoying, I mean I have never been annoyed by a heroine in a PNR as much as I was annoyed by her. She drove me crazy. I mean she does to these warriors house and first meeting the hero, Maddox the voices in her head stop and its like no! I don't want to let go of her, I need to be near you and then even though she doesn't even know him she watching him die and gets all angry, this is a case of the heroine falling in love too quickly which I am not fond of in PNR. And then next thing you know when she meets with Maddox again she wants to leave, and you have got to be kidding me, a night ago she urged how much she needed to be near him and then oh, can I leave? And just things she has done made me think, is she stupid?

The hero, Maddox. Like other hero's in PNR. I was completely heads over heals in love, him, no. He wasn't seductive, attractive at all. It was kinda the same, he first called her woman, and then it;s like right away he is calling her beauty. All I am buying is that this couple is buying into their lust or something like that. I didn' find this couple appealing at all. Maddox was a bit too boring to me.

The other warriors. At the beginning, sure I loved them and wanted to know more about them, halfway into the story, meh! How is it I started out loving them to not loving them. I thought every single one of them were asses. I don't even care if they get they're happily ever after of not.

I am trying to think about it some, and find just one thing I liked abotu this book, maybe the cover with the cool tattoos? Looking back at BLack Dagger Brotherhood series, I thought that it was okay, I mean the first book and the second book I liked a lot better, it was just hard to understand the BDB world in book 1 and it went better in book2. Maybe I could understand the world better the Lords of the Underworld.

But out of these two series I choose Black Dagger Brotherhood and I am not really into BDB series, but I liked the characters a whole of a lot better! and the couples I could actually believe in and loved. It was just the world building I was having a bit trouble with it seems.

But as for Lords of the Underworld I don't find myself continueing with this series. I thought maybe possibly, but warriors I can't really stand in the first book I don't think I would like reading about their happily ever after when I don't care if they even get one.

I'm more of an UF gal, and there is only one PNR I have read and been crazy about, so I am not really surprised I did not like it, but if you're a PNR you could possibly like it better than me. 


  1. I'm at total opposites, I really liked it a lot, but maybe it's because I read it a long time ago and haven't read the BDB or many other books similar so I didn't have anything to compare it to. Oh well, it is what it is. I guess it's not for everyone :)

  2. I tend to compare books sometimes and can't help it. I wished so bad I could've liked it, but not for everyone.

  3. awwww =( I love this series, pity it wasnt for you =(

    Have you read the Demonica Series by Larissa Ione??? its amazing!

  4. haha. Of course! Best PNR EVER! =DDDDDD