Cover Reveal: Shadow Bound by Rachel Vincent

12924381.jpg (316×475)

Shadow Bound

by Rachel Vincent

Released: June 1, 2012

What do you think?

Oh gods I absolutely love it! I think that the Shadow Bound cover matches so perfectly with Blood Bound that I may even like this cover more than the first in the series! I'm nervous about the POV/heroine switch but I hope I like Kori's story as much as I liked Liv's.


  1. you know dear, I didnt feel like reading this new series until I saw this cover! omg! so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =9 did you read the first book yet? =9

  2. Yes I've read the first and it was pretty good. I think you'll like both of Rachel Vincent's UF series! =DDDDDDDD

  3. Oh I kind of love and hate this.
    I got Blood Bound today!