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Q: Have you ever looked at book's cover and thought, This is going to be horrible? But, was instead pleasantly surprised? Show us the cover and tell us about the book.

I swear I see a book cover everyday I look on Goodreads that is hideous. I have three books, first book in the series where I had looked at the covers and I held off reading it. Those books are Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost, Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews, and A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole.

I will say from the time I was recommended them to when I actually read them was months and months and months, probaly many more months after that. It's funny, the covers got better as more books came out though. Haha! When I first saw the covers to these books, I was like these can't possibly be as good as everyone says, but now they all are my all time favorite series! Funny! ;) It would probaly take me a while to explain each book so I won't, only that they are all awesome so I recommend them all and I remind myself and yo guys, Never judge a book by a cover! ;))



  1. I don't think Halfway to the Grave's cover is too bad and I like the cover of Magic Bites just because it has a lion on it. The other one is a little creepy though haha. Old follower :)
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    1. These are some of the first books I started with/look at, so I was very use to YA covers and they weren't as pretty to me. Now I find a lot of UF/PNR covers pretty, but before I didn't. I look at them differently now.

  2. Those are pretty cheesy! They look outdated, are they older books? Good pick!

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  3. The only one out of those 3 that I really dislike is Magic Bites. A Hunger Like No Other isn't my favourite cover, but it is the book that started my love for PNR, so I can't help but love it. Lol.

  4. Hopping through. These definitely aren't anything special as covers. I still want to read Andrews' books.
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  5. Oh definitely the Kresley Cole book. I forgot all about that one. The other two don't bother me all that much but definitely aren't as good as the actual book :)

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  6. Agreed! I was embarrassed while reading Lachlan and Kates book!!

    However, I liked Cat's book cover!!;)

    You'll love my choice!;) you Linky Monster!!

    1. Haha. It's funny, I held out on Kate forever b/c I was like YUCK, Look at this cover! LOL

      Cat's book was like the first adult book I read so I was not liking adult UF covers much back then but I like them more now. Haha! But Now I'm like I can't believe I held back. LOL

      The IAD?! UGH! The first like 5 covers are sooooo bad! I like the recent covers so much better!!!! ;)))

  7. The covers aren't THAT terrible *LOL* But they are pretty embarrassing.


  8. I have to agree on all the covers you have shared..its hard to care about the covers, when the novel itself is so good. :)

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  9. Hi there, Hopping through :) Old follower.

    Oh dear... I don't actually think the covers are that bad lol.

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  11. I agree, the cover for A Hunger Like No Other does not do the book justice.

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  12. Ugh! The Magic Bites cover really is hideous. What were they thinking with it??

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  13. Definitely wierd!
    But just saw worse covers on my Hop!!

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  14. I like the cover for Hunger Like No Other but didn't end up loving the book. It was okay. I love the Night Huntress series. The cover is just okay. Magic Bites had a hideous cover! LOL But I've been recommended that book a ton! Following GFC, RSS, facebook, goodreads.
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  15. Niiice!! I chose a Jeaniene book too! My worries were totally undaunted though!

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  16. Completely agree with you on Andrews and Cole, but I loved the Frost cover from the start :-)
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  17. I have never read any of those but I do plan to read A Hunger Like No Other.

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  18. Hey! I love your blog, and fantastic FF answer. I am a new follower. Here's the link to my first ever FF:


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  19. Hey! I'm new to your blog! It looks great btw!

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  20. Hi New follower, I am new to YA and have been reading adult PNR for a long time so those covers would make me want to read the book, Anyways they do look a little dated though!

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  21. Yeah...I forgot how bad the IAD covers were at the beginning. I liked the Halfway to the Grave cover, but I agree that the later covers are much better.

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  22. I liked the original IAD covers, but looking at them compared to now they aren't that great! GREAT choice!


  23. Yes, I was never too into the Magic Bites cover!

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