Review: The Playful Prince by Michelle M. Pillow

Title: The Playful Prince
Author: Michelle M. Pillow
Series: Lord of the Var, #2
Publisher: New Concept's Publishing
Release Date: October 16, 2006
Pages: 204

To play. Prince Quinn, royal Ambassador, isn't looking for a serious relationship. In fact, he's never even considered it. Hopping from lover to lover, he's content to enjoy himself, never taking anything but his work seriously. However, when Dr. Tori Elliot is sent to the palace to test for biological weapons, he can't seem to stay away from her. Or not to play. Tori Elliot has just finished her last assignment and is on her way to a much needed vacation.

But when the Human Intelligence Agency stops her ship and demands she heads up a team on some remote planet, she knows it in her best interest not to refuse. Ever serious, she knows she's there to do a job and no matter what, she's going to act like a professional. Meeting Prince Quinn, his body pressed against another woman in the palace halls, she knows he's not the man for her. Too bad he's the Ambassador and too sexy for his own good. Fighting her desire, Tori must try to do her job while not succumbing to the playful Var prince.

Tori struggled to keep a straight face. Oh, yes, the fearsome teddy bear. Watch out for the button eyes!

THE PLAYFUL PRINCE was such a fun book and the title really describes exactly how Prince Quinn is. Playful indeed! I found myself loving how Quinn couldn't stay away from the stubborn Doctor Tori Eliott. I am loving how these books are turning out, they are quite fun and enjoyable!

"They've sent me children. I asked for scientists and they gave me children.”

To me THE PLAYFUL PRINCE was just a fun and real quick read and also the dialogue was enjoyful and laugh out loud funny as well! There were just some scenes in this book I couldn't help crack a smile at, especially since the heroine is really stubborn and the hero won't stop, until he has her in his clutches! I just love books just like these kind.

“They say love is blind, but in your case I’m assuming it’s also deaf, dumb, and completely brain dead.”

I didn't dig the heroine, Dr. Tori Elliot in this book because she really pissed me off quite a bit. It took Prince Quinn giving Tori way too much attention and lots of seducing before Tori caved and slept with Quinn, and then it's like the end of the book and she still doesn't get with all the jealousy he has been showing, which he was jealous a lot and showed it a lot, that Quinn cared and loved her. I mean do we have to spell it out. I just don't like when the heroine is hard to get and really that slow.

“If you insist, Dr. Elliot,” Quinn whispered hotly, leaning forward to nip her earlobe. “What I do to this body of yours will strictly be professional.”

Prince Quinn was absolutely perfect in my eyes! I love that at the end of the book when they are finally together he lights the fireplace and throws Tori's clothes in the fire so she won't run away the next morning like she always did! Good way to make a woman stay in your bed, she won't run away in no clothes! THE PLAYFUL PRINCE was a cute book and I am really enjoying the series. I can't wait for the next book who is my favorite prince, Falke.

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