Review: Summoning the Night by Jenn Bennett

Title: Summoning the Night
Author: Jenn Bennett
Series: Arcadia Bell, #2
Publisher: Pocket
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Pages: 352


After narrowly escaping her fate as a sacrificial scapegoat, Arcadia Bell is back to normal. Or at least as ordinary as life can be for a renegade magician and owner of a tiki bar that caters to Earthbound demons. She’s gearing up for the busiest day of the year—Halloween—when a vengeful kidnapper paralyzes the community. The influential head of the local Hellfire Club taps Cady to track down the fiendish bogeyman, and now that she’s dating red-hot Lon Butler, the Club’s wayward son, she can hardly say no. Cady and Lon untangle a gruesome thirty-year trail of clues that points to danger for the club members’ children. But locating the person behind the terror will require some metaphysical help from Cady’s loyal bar patrons as well as her potent new Moonchild powers—and she’d better figure it out before the final victim disappears and her own darkest secret becomes her biggest enemy.

“That’s right.” Jupe arched his back and stretched like a cat, then smugly pretended to crack his knuckles. “Step aside and watch the master go to work, people.”

SUMMONING THE NIGHT was even more amazing than I thought it would be. I think I seriously forgot how much I just loved the first book in the Arcadia Bell Series, Kindling the Moon. Yeah. That totally must be it! I couldn't put down SUMMONING THE NIGHT since I started and I read half the book in a night which I never do! That how much I was so into this amazing sequel!

I was so very much into the storyline for SUMMONING THE NIGHT. Basically, during the month of October, the month of Halloween kids of the Hellfire Club are being kidnapped by the Snatcher. There was an incident with the Snatcher many years ago where this same thing has happened and all of the kids were never found. Dare, the leader of the Hellfire Club now wants Cady and Lon to find the Snatcher and prevent any more kids from being kidnapped!

“I don’t want secrets between us,” I said. “Not ones that matter, anyway. I keep secrets from everyone all day long. But not you. Okay?” He tugged me toward the bar stool, closing the remaining distance between us. “I’ve been waiting for you to say that for weeks,” he whispered.

Cady is even more amazing in this book! Cady is now dating the irresistible, Lon Butler and things have gotten pretty serious between the two. We are talking about keys being given and space for clothes being shared. I still am loving the relationship between Cady and Lon and I can't wait for more of them in the next book for sure. I hope in the future Cady tells everyone close to her, her true identity, because I have a feeling this is really going to all blow up in her face one day!

It's Jupe's turn for the spotlight! I loved Jupe even more in SUMMONING THE NIGHT. I just love his character. He is really fun and everytime we get a scene with him, I have this huge smile on my face. He is most definitely a joy and one of the best things that could've happened in the Arcadia Bell Series. There has been some really sweet scenes with him and Cady that you just can't help but tear up at and be a little emotional.

“Oh, really? Is that why he’s hot and bothered for Arcadia here?” Kar Yee tossed an accusatory glance my way. She was well aware that honesty wasn’t one of my strong suits. “Probably,” Jupe confirmed. “My dad says he likes her so much that if she kicked him in the balls, he’d just thank her.”

I had a lot of favorite moments in the book and I had not so favorite moments and that included a new character that I didn't particularly like, Dare, the Hellfire Leader. You think you finally meet a nice guy, when he turns out to be an ass as well. It's in the middle of the book where I can't stand him and hopefully we will see what happens with him in the nest Arcadia Bell book.

As you know I absolutely devoured SUMMONING THE NIGHT and I have a lot of questions about what the hell is going to happen next? I am excited and I want more Jupe! I mean more Cady and Jupe and Lon! I know the next book is going to be just an amazing as this one and I can't wait to see what is in store for Cady Bell!


  1. OMG MARIYAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Im so gonna add this one for my well-deserved vacations!! =D awesome review my sweet! Thanks for the recommendations holy molly! cant wait!

    1. Oh, yes! This new Urban Fantasy Series is AMAZING! I love it! ;))

  2. Okay so this cover caught my eye. Thanks for a great review! This is definitely going on my to read list.

  3. This one is definitely on my list. Can't wait for its release. I loved the first one. Thanks for posting!

  4. Reading this now!!!! So I can't read your review yet, but I'm sure your review is great as usual! <3