Terrible Girls Club!

Terrible Girls Club is a feature dedicated to my little group my blogging buddies where we participate in various questionnaires and buddy/group reads together.

Who are the originators/hosts of the Terrible Girls Club?

What will we be doing?
We will be doing various posts together including buddy and group reads, recommending books to each other and possibly posting each other's reviews on the others blog, fun little questionnaires, and anything really. Sky's the limit! 

Terrible Girls Club Buttons! 
Pick your color!?


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  2. It is so freaking awesome that you guys do this! It sounds like so much fun :D

    Kayla @ Reading On The Wild Side

  3. Replies
    1. I went with a color that would stand out from all the purple in my blog design so I went with the green. I might change the color up from time to time.

    2. Hahaha! I thought you had used blue. I saw it on your sidebar. I thought you were gonna use purple for sure though. LOL

  4. I was originally automatically thinking blue, but then I thought the same thing - different color every time!!! :)