Review: Heaven by Jet Mykles

Title: Heaven
Author: Evangeline Anderson
Series: Heaven Sent, #1
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC
Release Date: May 30, 2006
Pages: 123, ebook

The Weiss Strande Hotel is in trouble. Business just isn't what it used to be when Tyler’s father ran the family-owned hotel. On top of business being down, dad's sick with cancer and bills have skyrocketed.

Desperate to save his family interest, Tyler and his best friend sink their hopes and what's left of their money into a new venture: a nightclub at the hotel. It's imperative that the White Room is a success, or else the hotel will go under. Lady Luck seems to be with them, however, because they manage to sign the mega-popular rock group Heaven Sent to play the grand opening.

Already a huge fan of the group, Tyler couldn't be more excited to welcome them to his hotel. He's not at all prepared for the bomb of lust that hits him when he's finally face-to-face with the painfully gorgeous lead singer, Johnnie Heaven. No, it couldn't be lust. Yes, Johnnie's probably the most beautiful person he's ever seen, but Tyler is straight. It must be a misguided form of hero worship that he's feeling.

Tyler finds out that he and Johnnie share an obsession: video games. When Johnnie invites Tyler to his room to play, Tyler jumps at the chance. Who wouldn't snap up the opportunity to spend time with their idol? He and Johnnie have a great time with the games, but Tyler soon discovers that Johnnie's got more in mind. The rock star aims to introduce Tyler to a whole new level of game play.

“Oh, I do like the longer hair.” Tyler gasped. “Fuck you.” “Your wish. My command.”

HEAVEN by Jet Mykles was so freaking adorable! I absolutely loved this book! It would definitely be one of those books I would recommend to M/M first timers!

“Shit. Fine. I’ll come.” “Oh, yes. You will. Many times, if I have any say in the matter.”

We have rockstar, Johnnie Heavens who I am absolutely in love with and Tyler Purcell who is so very much attracted to Johnnie, but is "not gay". It was very cute seeing these two develop their relationship and be fully together by the end of the book!

Tyler fought for freedom with little success. “Never mind. Let me go.” “Not a chance,” Johnnie murmured, lowering his lips to nuzzle the sensitive spot behind Tyler’s ear. “I missed you.”

It is one of those very short cute M/M Romances, but worth every minute of your time! I have a feeling that I am going to fly by these Heaven Sent books quite quickly!


  1. M/M is something I still have to get comfortable reading! My first M/M was Cry To Heaven by Anne Rice and that was decadeS ago. I remember getting confused about what’s happening because I can’t wrap my head around two gorgeous males getting it on. So naive!

    I’ve read a few now and my fave so far are Tiffany Reisz’s M/M scenes. I have yet to venture out of that.

    This story sounds cute, if in case I’m brave enough, I’ll take your advice and start here. M/M cherry popping!

    P.S. Miss you too, girlie!

  2. Haha! I first got really fasinated by it with Olivia Cunning and started to look hard for some M/M books that I might be interested in them. It’s hard to find them though. For me I like the light, likable ones. I”m still looking for more though.