Review: Broken Dove by Kristen Ashley

Title:  Broken Dove
Author:  Kristen Ashley
Series:  Fantasyland, #4
Publisher:  N/A
Release Date:  December 27, 2013
Pages:  kindle edition, 396

Far too young, Apollo Ulfr lost Ilsa, his wife, the love of his life and the mother of his two children. The grief of her loss does not settle in his soul, it solders to it. But when he discovers there is a parallel universe where his wife may have a twin, he feels there's hope and sets about bringing her to his world so he can have her back.

But Ilsa Ulfr of our world is married to the parallel universe's twin, Pol, who is not a good man. Not in any way. She's on the run from him and the last thing she wants is to be transported to a fantastical world and be forced to take his side as his wife, even if he is not Pol. And Apollo finds the broken, bitter Ilsa nothing like his beloved and he further wants nothing to do with her.

But darkness is looming and evil is amassing. Apollo must protect his land and keep his family safe, including the new Ilsa

I may attempt to cry. I'm just kidding, no really! I know that all Kristen Ashley's books don't work out for me. I guess it's just the luck of the draw. My issue's with BROKEN DOVE was that it was so incredibly boring and dull. And I have to add that the character connection was so not happening. There was no magic romance connection happening here. Zilch. Nada. None.

The beginning of this book started out wonderfully, but as soon as I got a third into it, it started dragging and I lost interest in a blink of an eye. I felt like nothing really happened. As far as the characters, I was not down with the way that Apollo decided to bring Ilsa back and then after a day or night, he completely abandoned her, because she is nothing like his Ilsa of his world. That really pissed me off. I can go on and on about how messed up that was, but I won't.

Oh, wait! And then his Second-in-Command shows an interest in Ilsa or Maddie as they call her, and suddenly Apollo decides to fight for her and make her his. Like Back off, she's mine. That only sent the message that, since another man showed interest in her he decides he needs to make her his. It was so jackass-like. Apollo did have his moments, but he has nothing on Dax Lahn and Prince Tor. Apollo didn't make me swoon with his utter romantic-ness in this book as much as the other two did in their books.

I do love Kristen Ashley and her books, but some of them just don't end up working out for me. I think some of the books that don't work out for me is because they drag on too much. Hopefully the next one ends up being better.


  1. Great review. Bummer it did not work for you. I have yet to start this series. I am also a huge KA fan but she is a hit and miss at times. Hope the next novel in this series is better for you.

  2. Yes. It’s definitely a hit or miss. I hope the next KA book is better next time as well.

  3. Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal PalaceSeptember 25, 2014 at 9:39 PM

    Shame you didn’t like this one. Books that drag out annoy me to death!! Great honest review though!