Truth or Dare: DARE!!

I am participating in the Truth or Dare Giveaway event for the chance to win:

$20 Gift Card to Books•A•Million

Find a picture of the actor you think would play Bones from Jeaninne Frost’s Night Huntress

That is going to be a whole new world for me. Honestly I have not found anyone in my mind that could play the wonderful Bones in the Night Huntress Series, but I am looking. I believe that Paul Walker comes close though. Bones is hard to find the perfect person for him. I don't think any actor could do him justice, but I am thinking that Paul Walker comes a little bit close. I would love to see what everyone else came up as, they probably could do better than me XD


  1. Paul Walker, didn't even think of him! Great choice.

  2. I like this choice, I pictured him when I read The Black Dagger Brotherhood books, he was Rhage for me.