Blogger Secrets Presents: Embrace Your Oddities


Which character would you take as your Husband?
I would marry Adam Hauptman from Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson series in a heartbeat. If he were a real person, I would melt if he just looked at me. A super hot, strong & silent werewolf who occasionally shows off his bad-ass shifter skills to protect his girl is the perfect man for me.

Which 5 book characters would you take as Lovers?
Oh wow, what a question! I hope no one will think I'm too much of a dork for saying this, but if he were real, I would be all over Edward Cullen. After I read Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series a few years ago, I had the longest dating dry spell because I would compare every guy I met to my mental image of Edward Cullen, haha. Well, I finally met a guy who measured up to Edward and we have been happily in love for the past 9 months (and he goes above and beyond my expectations in other categories, wink wink). If Edward weren't available to be my boy toy, I would definitely go for Ethan Sullivan from Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampires series. After I read the very X-rated scene between Ethan and Merit, I couldn't sleep, haha. I guess if I didn't end up marrying Adam Hauptman, he would be my next choice. As for the rest..Marc and Jace from Rachel Vincent's Shifters series - hot werecats are right up my alley.

Exact thoughts when you are waiting for a upcomming book release you are dying to read?
I try not to think about upcoming releases of the books I am dying to read because I'll drive myself crazy. But the day before the book comes out, I usually sit by my computer waiting patiently for the clock to finally strike 12am, then immediately purchase the ebook and start reading.

What book series are you currently obsessing over?
I am totally obsessing over Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampires series! I love urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and this series is the best of both genres. It's full of sexy vampires and shifters, tons of intense yet believable action scenes, and enough hot romance to make your head spin. I can't wait for the next book, Hard Bitten, to be released!

If you could trade places with one book character, who would it be and why?
This is such a tough question. Hopefully this doesn't sound selfish, but I would trade places with the protagonist of Transcendents, the urban fantasy series I am working on right now, Kale is a lot like me, was born and raised in New Orleans, and is going through an extremely chaotic time in her life. I know that sounds sort of silly, wanting to be a character in crisis, but the ending of the story is definitely worth all of the challenges she must overcome. I wish I could spill all of the details about the series, but what would be the fun in that? I guess you'll just have to buy a copy when it's published, lol.

Random Short Answer
Vampire or Shifter? How about half Vampire half Shifter? I can't choose, love both of them toooooo much!
Book or Ereader? BEReader - it doesn't matter if I forget my book at home because I can always read it on my phone, and I NEVER forget my phone.
Angel or Demon? Demon. Demons are just so much more fun!
Paperback or Hardback? Paperback. I'm so poor, lol, and paperbacks are cheaper. The story is what really matters.
Favorite Vampire? Duh, Edward Cullen!.
Favorite Shifter? Faythe Sanders from Rachel Vincent's Shifters series. Gotta love those kick-ass female shifters!
YA novel or Adult novel? Definitely Adult - although I love the sweet, innocent romances in YA books, I can't get enough of the steaminess of Adult novels.

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  1. Great idea. Adam and Edward - great. I don't know the Transcendents Series.

    Read my review last week on Hard Bitten it is shocking! No spoilers.

    TTFN Stephanie

  2. Wow, what a colorful reading space. Thanks for sharing :-)

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven