Goldilox Gets a New Blog Design

I have designed my blog many times to get it how I would like it and this was my first time doing it for someone else and I had thoughts in my head, what if she doesn't like it, but thank god she does, and I am totally jealous of her blog design now because it turned out lovely. But check it out for yourselves everyone.

It was wonderful working with Christen and I hope to do another blog design for someone else in the future.


  1. Wow, that design is gorgeous!

  2. It looks awesome. I wish I knew anything about how to design a blog. I tried to use photoshop one day and was there for 2 hours and had a blank page to show for it!lol

  3. hell Mariya! O_O it's gorgeous!! you totally kick asses!! =DDD

  4. Hey Mariya! I didn't know you posted this! Thanks AGAIN and AGAIN for such an awesome design. For those of you reading this - she totally took the name of the blog and ran with it! She thought of pretty much everything on her own!!! Thank you guys for the compliments and thank you again to Mariya! :)

    P.S. - Feel free to follow when you stop by to take a look! :p