Cover Reveal: Hidden by Sophie Jordan


by Sophie Jordan

Released: September 11, 2012

What do you think?

The final book in the series cover looks a bit different, darker in a way, but I still love it! I love Jacinda's red hair! It really stands out! I'm excited to see what happens!


  1. Oh I love it! It does look darker. Wonder what that will mean for the book. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Lovely cover! I like all three of this series' covers. Simple, beautiful, and matches what the series is about. Have you read these?

    1. Yes! I've read the first two! I think you and Miss Vain would like them. It's kinda like the Nightshade Trilogy in a way with the pack stuff a little bit. And the elders/leaders being too controlling and greedy. I have a love/hate emotions with this book. I just don't like how the leaders treat the heroine like she is a thing/possesion.

      That's what I didn't like which lowered my rating to three stars. But I definitely recommend the series. Like everyone loves them. I'm curious to see what will happen in the last book. ;)

    2. I have the first book Mariya, and hopefully I can catch up before this one comes out. Maybe! Lol;) But I think I would like it too! Especially if YOU think I would.:))

  3. Agree about the red, makes the whole cover 'pop'. Look forward to reading this...still have the second one to read and savour before then :)