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Q: Activity!!! Take a picture or describe where you love to read the most...

Favorite place to read? OMG! You totally caught me off guard with that question especially since I am not in possesion of that place/those places! Haha! I love to read in the break room at work! It is really quiet there and soothing and it is usually hard for me to find a comforable place to read and concentrate on the book b/c of distractions so it is perfect.

I also miss my metro transit! When I went to school I read on the bus and lightrail and they were the BEST places to read! I dunno! I was very confortable and I got a lot of reading done via bus! Once I am fully relaxed I can get in the mood to read in my bed laying down of course! Since my bed is right next to me I guess I can get a pic for you guys though! Haha! *UPLOADING*........


  1. I love reading on the bed. I am never able to feel comfortable on metros when i read. because of loud noises and moving too fast.
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  2. Love your pink bear, Mariya ;-) Your bed looks comfy!


  3. Your bed looks so comfortable! Hope you are enjoying Perception. Hope you have a great weekend!

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  4. I wanna crawl in your bed and live there Mariya!;) love your stuffed animals....Can I have the pink bear? ;)

    1. MINE! MINE! MINE! Hahaha! My dad buys me a new stuffed animal each year. ;)

      You should see my shelf full of stuff animals, my highest/top shelfs has all my animals I got over the years and the next bottom three have all my books. ;)

  5. Great choice!! Your bed looks so comfy! :)

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  6. Love the Pink Teddy!

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  7. Ya the bus is often a great place to read a book especially if it's a long commute . My FF

  8. Loving the cast iron and the wine red wall! :D Very cool reading spot. :)

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  9. That bed looks very comfy. Old follower just stopping by to say Happy Friday Follow. I'm at http://steepedinbooks.blogspot.com

  10. Nice pic!! I also read in bed, but man my bed is a mess :P I love how you're reading Perception!

  11. Awesome picture :) My favorite places to read are on the train and in my bed.

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  12. Comfy! A lot of us our bed readers! That's where I do nearly all my reading as well!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  13. Like the colors of your bed! And you're reading Perception. *a little envious of you* :)
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  14. Your bed looks extremely beautiful and comfy. Love the teddies!

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  15. Hey, metro transit was one of my answers too.

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    1. Any quiet place is a good place.


  16. I live in a place without Metro but I would love to read on my morning commute, not so safe though huh!!!
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  17. Your bed looks so comfy! I love reading in mine, too. It's just the perfect place to fall into the worlds woven in a good novel. :)

    I'm a new follower via GFC and I'll be stopping by!

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  18. Love it! It looks so comfy ♥ My fave place to read is my bed :)

  19. Yes... comfy is the word, alright!! :-) NICE!! I like reading on my bed, too. Anywhere, actually, will do!