Review: At Peace by Kristen Ashley

Title: At Peace
Author: Kristen Ashley
Series: The Burg, #2
Publisher: N/A
Release Date: May 2, 2011
Pages: kindle edition, 568

Violet Winters once had it all but lost it when her husband was murdered by a criminal madman. During a cold winter night Violet has to leave her warm bed to tell her neighbor to turn the music down. And that’s when she meets sinister, scarred, scarily attractive security specialist, Joe Callahan.

She wants to deny it, but Violet can’t beat back the hunger she feels for Joe so she gives in again and again. Feeling it himself, Joe feeds Vi’s hunger, breaking his own rules to keep her in his bed.

Even though Violet had only one man in her life, she’s sure Joe is giving her the signals and Vi decides she’s ready to take a second chance at life and, maybe, love. But Violet doesn’t know the dark secrets in Joe’s past, secrets so soul-wrenching, they’ve drained him dry. With nothing left to give, Joe’s determined to live his life alone and he breaks Violet’s heart.

Crushed by Joe’s betrayal, Violet comes to terms with the fact that, no matter what signals he gave, Joe was not theirs to win. But Violet’s husband’s murderer is obsessed with her and heartbreak again haunts the door of the Winters home. When it does Joe is forced to face the knowledge that he can’t fight Violet’s pull, she’s under his skin and filled him full to bursting.

Joe needs to win her back and put his life on the line to keep Violet safe. But, having had it all once, can Violet endure losing Joe?

I was a little nervous going into AT PEACE because I really could not get into the first Burg book, (who knows, maybe I"ll give it another go), and I've hear other fans had some problems with the heroine in this one, but anyways, I went into this one a tad nervous and reading it, the beginning was very slow paced for me and I automatically thought average three stars, but as soon as I got more into it, after the 20% marker I could not put this book down and I was like WOAH! Another amazing read by the Kristen Ashley!

I'm not going to go into the plot too much because I'm sure there has been hundreds reviews out there for it, so I will just go into my thoughts on it. I have problems and happy happy joy joy issues with my leading lady and leading man! Before I went into AT PEACE, I hear such dislike for Violet and just her, which I don't get. Actually it's both of them that have some major problems which lead to the crap in the first half of the book.

“I keep trying to but he’s like you, he won’t listen.” “Then game on,” Joe announced. “Joe –” “He shoulda listened.” “Why? You don’t listen.” “You don’t belong to him, you belong to me.”

My problem with Violet is yes, Joe was acting like a dick wanting just sex from you, but instead of just fully breaking it off, saying no more, you just keep jumping in bed and you get mad at him? really?! I didn't mind the other guy, but I love Mike and you were seeing him while you were fucking Joe, like seriously?! If you want more from Joe, tell him and if you won't give more then break it off with him. You keep going through the jump in bed with him to upset and pissed because he won't give you more than just sex. It;s like just move the fuck on. I don't know. I just thought this could have been done differently, maybe.

My problem with Joe is he should've left it alone. Had sex with Vi and she is all pissed at him for the just a fuck buddy deal. Just leave it be. I mean he wants her. I was really pissed when he has to flaunt Nadia in front of everyone as the signal that it's over between Vi & him with the sex stuff. It's like be a fuckin man! Sit her down and tell her that you can't do this thing with her anymore. But he needs it to be HER to be the one who breaks it off, seriously?! I'm not gonna go into every little thing, but they had many fucked up moments. But I dig drama so it's all good!

You and me, I haven’t made it easy, I’ll admit that, but that’s done. You gotta get over it or you’re never gonna move on. I’m movin’ on, Kate and Keira are movin’ with me. It’s only you who’s gotta keep the fuck up.”

But anyway, after we got after all the fucked up shit in the first half of the book, it turned really amazing! Joe Callahan is a man's man! He is all alpha and the ultimate tortured bad boy! I JUST LOVE IT! Both Joe and Violet have tortured pasts and I just loved them coming together. I loved Joe fighting for Violet. Kristen Ashley's men fight hard for their women and win every time! It just annoyed me that Violet wanted Joe all along and when he wants her and is fighting her she is coming up with so many excuses.

The second half of the book she just became dumb and stupid. It's like, Woman! You wanted him and now that he wants you back and wants more, you're in slow down, no wait, too fast. Like What?! Violet drove me crazy the second half of the book. But together Joe Callahan and Violet Winters were a match in heaven. And Joe with Violet's daughter! Oh. my. god! I'm liking the whole children in the mix thing in these books! This book did have drama written all over it, but I loved the drama and the heartfelt moments. And I loved Mike Haines! First moments he appeared, I'm like I SHIP HIM TOO! MINE! I'm looking forward for his book as well as Benny's book too.

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