Review: Rock Chick Redemption by Kristen Ashley

Title: Rock Chick Redemption
Author: Kristen Ashley
Series: Rock Chick, #3
Publisher: N/A
Release Date: November 8, 2010
Pages: kindle edition, 672

Roxie’s on the run from a bad boyfriend who will not catch the hint that it is o-v-e-r. She’s in no mood for love at first sight, but when her eyes fall on Hank, it’s trouble from the get-go. Roxie tries to hold Hank at arms length but Hank wants to be a closer (as in, a lot closer). Roxie’s trouble catches up with her and Hank wants to help but Roxie knows in her heart that she’s no good for a white hat guy. The problem is no one agrees with her, especially her crazy hippie best friend Annette or her parents; the even crazier small-Indiana-town Herb and Trish. Toss into the mix the gang from Rock Chick and Rock Chick Rescue and Roxie finds herself totally outnumbered.

Climb in for another Rock Chick wild ride through Rock Chick Redemption. As the odds stack up against Roxie, she has no choice but to hold on and just ride it out through the kidnappings, car chases, society parties, a riot at the strip club, Hank getting “Mom Bombed” and one crazy night at the Haunted House.

During all this Hank works at convincing her she really wants to stay and he, along with the Hot Bunch, go all out to make her safe. Hank also needs to work on showing Roxie that her past decisions don’t mean her future can’t include something as downright delicious as… normal.

I went into ROCK CHICK REDEMPTION and it seemed like the heroine was pretty sane. Opps. Spoke way too soon. This book was way better than the last Rock Chick book I read, but I"ve been having problems with the heroines in this series. They are just so dumb and stupid. Thank god the other stuff in the book made up for it.

“Belonging to me doesn’t mean I’ll make you do anything, it just means I consider you mine for as long as this lasts. It means I protect you, it means I take care of you. For another man, it might mean something different. Don’t confuse me with another man”

I dont' buy into all that stuff. First she thinks she can outsmart her ex and comes up with this stupid plan that doesn't even work at all Next she doesn't even file a report or seek help from police or even Lee's firm, even after knowing what they can do. Seriously? And she has this whole I"m not good enough attitude. I"m sorry, but it so pathetic. Oh, and while I"m at it I"m going to throw myself back to my ex, when all these guys who are experienced in the police biz are trying to protect me, just because my ex is holding up a gun. Come on! I cannot believe this girls stupidity. She's worse than Indy!

“Son, let me tell you something. Even if you don't care, pretend you do. Honestly, it's the best way to go," Dad, the voice of experience, decided to wade in. "She talks about toss pillows. You don't care about toss pillows. You don't even know what toss pillows are. Pretend that toss pillows are your highest priority in life.” 

Thankfully the storyline and the side character's silly little drama made up for Stupid lil Roxie. I loved the whole girl talk stuff with Indy, Aly, Jet, and Daisy! I love that group. Everybody in everyone's business. It's so funny! I Love the Hot Guy bunch. I've become attracted to Vance & Luke, so I am so looking forward to their book! Best part of the book was Roxie's parents! They were a hoot! Kristen Ashley writes the best parents in her books. Ones that will make you laugh out loud! Looking forward to the next one!


  1. I am not a fan of the heroines so far in this series either. This is next up for me in this series. Urgh need to get my reviews up for the first two reads.

  2. I need to learn to write a review right after I read a book. I noticed on one KA book that I don’t remember what happened. LOL

    But yes. The heroine drive me bonkers! UGH. But Since this one was pretty decent and good, able to finish and actually like without going insane, gonna give the others a go. Hopefully good results will arise. =)

  3. I really loved this series, and the crazy heroines. I agree that Roxie’s family was tons of fun. The haunted house totally cracked me up.
    Nice review!

  4. I freaking loved her family. Especially her dad educating the men on caring about things their woman want them to care about even if it’s stupid. Hahaha! I love how KA writes the family of the heroine. I end up falling in love with the family members! Great Times! =)