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Carmel is studying web design... What did you study in college, or are currently studying and did it lead to your current 9 to 5 or are you doing something totally different?
You What a concidence, me too. haha. I am currently going to school for a bachelor's degree in graphic design. I am going for the print side, which consists of posters, editorials, flyers, logos, illustrations and whatnot, but now I want to learn more about web design. I want to take more classes on it because I am really excited to learn about it, but hopefully one day. I love graphic design and I find myself getting better at it recently. I always don't like my work, I think I am too hard on myself...haha. I plan to stick with graphic design and hopefully land a job next year sometime. =D

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What do you consider the most important in a story: the plot or the characters?
There Okaiexz...a hard question this week. I think both, but if I had to pick one I would have to say the characters. We follower the characters story and I have to like the characters to continue the book. Yes. The plot is important, but it is not the deciding factor for me, it is the characters, the characters bring life out into the book you are reading. In some books I have just dropped the book because I didn't like the characters, so characters are very key to a good book.



  1. HI stopping by to say hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    I am torn between a good plot and awesome characters. So I say a bit of both.

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  2. Happy Friday, hon! Already a follower, but it's always lovely to stop in and say hello.

    Sally @ Bibrary Bookslut

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  4. Hey! Thanks for stopping by for today's #FF and checking out my new blog design. Have you read my featured blogger post yet at Parajunkee's View? I'm an old follower. That's cool that we're studying in similar fields! :) Happy weekend!

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  5. Hi Mariya,
    The characters are so important for me too!
    Visiting on the hop - come check out my blogger spotlight, and ebook news.
    Dee, hopping from e-Volving Books

  6. Thanks for following me. I am now a new follower and i love your site!

  7. Happy Friday!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!
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  8. Oh you're a graphic designer too, that's exciting:) I love working in this field, and print is definitely what I'm familiar with, web design is still a bit foreign. I'm used to working in inches, not pixels:) Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm an old follower here!

  9. Hi thanks for hopping by! Love your blog- I totally love the fluidity of it!

    I'm hard on myself when it comes to my work- a photographer (on the side.) I'm my worst enemy, so I totally get you.

    Cant wait to connect with you more

  10. Hopping on by and I like this place so gonna stay :)

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